Things are all different now

Its a different world im living in right now and things are certainly strange but whilst its effecting people in so many different ways lucky for me i live in cloud princess land and everything is rosey and pink lol, i know that things are not the same as i cant goto softplay or swimming lessons, school or even to a park so i kind of get it and looking back at this in twenty years time i may remember bits i may not.

so whats been going on in my life prior to all this? well the aim at swimming lessons was to finish off the season by doing my 20meter badge and dad had already took my tablet off me for over a week and i was told that i wasnt getting it back until i finish however things slowly started shutting down and then so did my swimming lessons so dad had no alternative but to let me have my electronics back whilst this pandemic is going on and hopefully i can get my badge done when school resumes?

ontop of all this pandemic/lockdown we have now officially moved home and onto my 3rd home in my life and this time dad has pulled out all the stops and hocked us up with a 5 bedroom house in the hope that mum and dad can do fostering full time so we needed at least a 4 bedroom house as we have a foster child already. Dad had already given notice on one property and agreed to take the 5 bed so regardless of the pandemic we had to move and i already had my new room picked out because it had purple and butterflies on the wall so definately my room!

After the move i knew there was only one thing left to count down and that was the last few days until my 6th birthday and whilst i couldnt have any friends around mum and dad said that when we get out of lockdown and things go back to some form of normality i can have a little tea party with a few friends but unitl then i have to wait.

Whilst on lockdown i have been keeping up with my homework and even ask to do it on the weekend and i think my teachers although they cant see me they still keep tabs on what ive been doing and even had a video message telling me i had won an award which they were sending me out in the post so it gave me something to do for the next few days and keep an eye out for postamn pat and also annoy mum and dad in the process ha ha.