just a quick one

Just uploaded my school panto video to youtube for those of you who havent seen it. πŸ™‚

only one more week left in school and the countdown is on for the man in the big red suit comes, this year i have 4 elfs that have eventually turned up, the last one came through the letterbox yesterday as one of the naughty elfs wouldnt let him in with santas key but they did bring christmas cards and a little present for me although i took the present to school and dropped it (little snow globe) so the elfs had to go back to the north pole and theycame back with even more gifts for me and left them on my bed, these elfs are crazy but i do like waking up every morning to find out what they have been up to in the night.

I only have 2 more swimming lessons left next week and daddy really wants me to try and get my 20m badge before the end of the 2 lessons, my problem is i dont think i can do it but everyone else thinks i can so who knows there might be one more badge to add to my collection this year as this was the year i was able to swim without aid and now im working towrads my stanley 5 badge (more info on badge here)

this year has also been hard for me to try and get used to other people living in my house, we have had a 6 year old boy who stayed with us for a bit and now we have a 8month old baby was 4 months when we got him and a 16 year old girl, mum and dad try and make sure i still get my one on one time with them but i do miss having mummy cuddles in there bed but with the baby sleeping in there room he wakes up alot through the night still so it not good for me not having my sleep.

what does 2020 bring for me??

well all i know at the moment is im only going to be doing swimming once a week now instead of twice a week as i have now started gymnastics after school on a tuesday and i can get really tiered and grumpy by the end of the night so at least up until easter swimming will only be once a week.

Also i know we have to move house so mum and dad are currently looking every week on the council list for a bigger 4 bed house hopefully so im going to get a new room which will hopefully be bigger?? so if anyone is sending christmas cards next year then please chekc with mum or dad at what our new address is.

if everything goes to plan with the house move and dad manages to sort something out he is going to look at a nice holiday for us so i can spend a week in a pool soaking up some sun πŸ™‚


Not sure if dad will get chance to put on any more posts for this year but he does hope to start putting more up next year and get back on top of things

In the meanΒ  time i hope eveyone has a very merry christmas and a fab new year xxx