About ME

Im Finally Here

Born on Monday April 7th 2014 at Russells Hall Hospital at 13.17pm after 16hrs of labor for mummy i was finally delivered by emergency C Section.

At the Hospital all night With Mummy was Nanny Owen and of course Daddy but unfortunately for Nanny she had to wait at a different part of the hospital while i was delivered and paced the hospital floors waiting for the first glimpse of her daughters first child, ME!

16hrs Before I Was Born

It all started Sunday 6th April 2014 when mummy thought her waters had broken but wasn’t quite sure and when she mentioned it to daddy she said she would ring the hospital in the afternoon after having grandad’s sunday dinner.

After dinner mummy called the hospital and they said for her to come and get checked out but it wasn’t until after she got examined and mummy was getting dressed did Niagara Falls happen and her waters had finally broke and the clock was on then for me to start to make and appearance and also the start of a very long night for mummy and daddy.

With mummy sent home and told to come back when she was further along daddy sat and laughed a few times as mummy got deeper into labour and various walls were climbed until the point she couldn’t take it no more so off to the hospital we went and continued through the night with Nanny Owen joining us.

Worth The Wait

Continuing many more hours at the hospital mummy soldiered on through the night pacing and bouncing and climbing and panting until it was time in the morning to move to the birthing pool.

After a couple of hours later mummy then had to be moved to try and push on the table for the final attempt before the doctors prepared for the emergency C section but unfortunately i just didn’t want to come out and the long wait for Nanny Owen began but after a few more hours we we all reunited and the cuddles began.