Its been a long time

Its been a long time since dad has put any news up about whats been going on in my life as he’s been busy doing things for granddad Taylor and decorating our new house but hes finally found 5 minutes to put something on here to try and keep things going although i personally do put pictures normally of me on my Instagram story as i do have a phone but only to talk to nanny bobble-head and nanny Gwendoline and of course to watch my YouTube sometimes lol.

So 2020 for alot of people has been really strange, i know theres a virus here and i know when i ask if we can do things its normally no because of the virus so i wish like a lot of people it would just go away, i didn’t get my birthday party this year and looks like Halloween is basically cancelled as well but we did get to goto Blackpool for a few days and that was nice and i got to play lots on the 2p machines and win loads of prizes and whenever prizes got stuck i would just batter my eye lids at the man fixing the machine and get more tokens hahaha.  we also went to legoland for the first time ever and i got my legoland license and have already asked if we can go there next year for my birthday so we shall wait and see on that one. we have also taken one of my friends to the ice cream farm even though ive been there a few times already it was nice getting out for the day and even better when i go with a friend although soft play wasnt open and the sand and water section wasn’t either we still had a good time

The 6 weeks holiday went really quickly and im now finally in Year 2 and like mummy and daddy keep saying im growing up to quickly, dad tells people im 6 going on 16 which hes probably right lol. Im not really getting down with year 2 as i don’t get much playing around in the classroom now and daddy keeps laughing as he told me this would happen but i’ll get used to it and still slightly enjoy going to school just so i can see my friends, since we’ve moved we haven’t had much time to make new friends around here although we have found a few good parks so now they are all open i might start making more friends. we had our school harvest assembly today and daddy has put the video at the bottom of my class singing and hopefully that will brighten your day up a little 🙂

well stay safe everyone and lets hope things get better xxx