Time for a story

Dad has been busy working a lot and helping Grandad Taylor with other work so my website has taken a back seat but now I’m getting older I’m pestering him more to put stuff on my site. He picked me up from school the other day and I told him about the new writing book I’ve been given by the school, they give me a little picture and then I have to make a story up to go with it and the teacher doesn’t care about my writing or spelling mistakes which is great so I thought I would share a couple and post them on YouTube so if you haven’t subscribed to my channel then please head over to the YouTube section of my website and you’ll be able to find a video and hit that subscribe button lol



It’s been a rough few months for us down here, for those who haven’t heard my Grandad Owen passed away after giving the best fight of his life but sadly he has gone on November 29th, 2021. I couldn’t see him before he passed as he was in the hospital for almost 6 weeks but I did make him just when he was sedated as nanny forgot to turn her phone off so when she went to visit him her phone rang and it’s my voice as a ring tone going ‘Nanny, Nanny! your phones ringing’ and he must have thought I was in the hospital seeing him the way he was.

We were all set to attend his funeral and I even got myself a lovely yellow dress as yellow was Mickey’s favorite colour however days before it I had been tested positive for Covid-19 and had to stay with uncle Stuart and auntie Amanda as 2 of their kids tested positive as well so we all got dressed up and watched the live stream which of course I cried a lot but think I needed to but one thing is for sure I will never forget Mickey xxx

This year we have one more final move and that is to move in with Nanny Owen which I’m kinda looking forward to as I already have my bedroom there and I get to see Nanny all the time, I’m just not looking forward to moving schools but hopefully I’ll make some new friends.