Update from daddy

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Photos have now been uploaded for July 2014 also leah was taken to be weighed on Wednesday and she is now weighing a nice healthy 13lbs 0.5oz which from two weeks ago she weighed 12lbs 7ozs.

Also she has now had her last lot of jabs on Thursday until she’s 1yrs old so currently running a little bit of a fever but nothing a bit of magic calpol doesn’t sort out and hopefully she will be better in a day or so. She currently is still sicky which is still down to her reflux but now she allowed to have some food the doctor says that this should go in time.

Kirstie has┬ástarted to put her down now around 8pm – 8:30pm and trying to let her fall asleep without kirstie cuddling her and so far she has done great the last 7 days, a couple of mornings she has woken up later as well so as much as she can be cranky we are blessed that come 8pm of an evening its almost time for peace and quiet, this morning she done really well and slept till 6am, we we’re awake before her wondering how much longer she was going to sleep for so jabs and sickyness aside she is still a happy smiley baby just with a few of her moans now and then but that’s the joys of having a baby.