The Start of 2018

The start of a new year is here and today ive finally gone back to big nursery after an amazing christmas, this christmas 2017 was the first year i guess i was really really excited and proper into the festive season what with all my singing for nursery with ‘little donkey’, ‘when santa got stuck up a chiminey’ and ‘hush little baby’ it was really really good and to top it off my best friend nanny owen didnt disappoint me as i finally got the present i have been wanting for ages… A CRY BABY!!!!

this christmas mum had to work the night before so me and dad stayed up stairs until she came home but nanny owen and grandad mickey came over just before so we were all ready and i was sooo excited to see if the big man himself had been and to see if he had eaten his milk and mine pie i left out. christmas presents were everywhere and  Santa had indeed eaten what i had left out for him and the day was just one big present fest its just a shame nanny and grandad broadfield couldn’t be here in the morning but i got to see them later on in the day with there gifts so not all was lost.

after one big crazy day i woke up to not feeling well at all and so the next few days were kind of a blur, although i tried my best to keep going i just wanted to curl up most days and eventually it passed and i was soon back to my cheeky little self.  The biggest supprise of christmas i think is that mummy and daddy have sorted it so my best friend is comming to disney land with us in 6 months times how cool is that!!