Photos are comming

Just a quick update to let anyone who looks at my photos know that daddy is finally getting my photos back up on the website 🙂 since he had to move everything over he realised that there were too many pictures stored on the site so has had to find another way to store them elsewhere and then show them on the site so slowly but surely he is putting them back up in the PHOTOS section of the site. when you visit this section you will notice that some of the text underneath the cameras are blue which means they are ready to view so just click on them and view my lovely pictures, as dad has to do them month by month its going to be a slow process but keep checking back every few days and fingers crossed there should be a few more months added.

So apart from a quick update on my photos your probably wondering what ive been doing, well ive obviously been to school as you’ve seen on some of my school updates and have been doing great there. It should be parents evening next week so i hope my teachers tell mom and dad that ive been good, the one thing im struggling with at the moment is eating my lunch box at dinner time as all i want to do is play so daddy has had words with the teachers and also knows one of the dinner ladies so yesterday mum reduced the things in my lunch and i ate everything.

Im still trying my best to get on with Belle (our new puppy) first i wanted to call the dog princess but daddy didn’t like that name so we came to a decision to keep it kind of princess and call her belle like from beauty and the beast, belle is still very jumpy and very snappy so i have already lost one school top because she jumps up and nips at me but i soon tell her NO!!!! and im not taking any nonsense so all in all im trying my best and now she can walk out side we go for walks together with mum and dad which is nice and will be even nicer in the summer next year