Nice to be back

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After last week of feeling like crap its nice to be back and getting into things i shouldn’t and just generally enjoying life again. Daddy is back at work this week after having his first week off since i was born and it was really nice to spend some time with him although i was feeling under the weather and by the end of it so was him and mummy and we didn’t really get to do much either but Monday before daddy went back to work on Tuesday we went to scaly wags soft play to see what that was like and boy was it busy there but got me half hour play in there before it got even more busier.

Over the last few days naughty daddy has been helping me climb the stairs which has resulted in backfiring on him now and he needs to go and buy another stair gate for the bottom of the stairs because every now and then when hes not looking i make a dash for the stairs and now mummy thought she would join in and today i got all the way to the top, just couldn’t get over the bar on the bottom of the stair gate but GO ME!!!