Just a quick hello

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Bonjour bonjour!!! well we all arrived in sunny France safe and sound  and after having a really good flight and sleeping during take off and landing, being up in the air was great fun and as always chatting away and playing with people on the plane. Once we got to the airport i finally got to give nanny and grandad broadfield there big massive hugg they have been waiting for and of course a cheeky smile to go with it.

the weather the last couple of days has been great which was fab as i got to go out and about in my new French Disney buggy but boy is it strange riding along on the other side but im getting used to it slowly and so far i have only lost 1 dummy so im doing well. mummy ventured out with daddy and dean today which ment i got to stay with nanny and grandad and of course i was on my best behavior but now its not going to be long before my bed so i will try and check back in before i go back home so for now folks i’ll catch ya laters xxxx