Ice Cream Farm


Sunday it was up and dressed and out the door by 8am as it was an 1hr and half drive to Ice cream farm in Chester, all the way there i kept saying to dad “we’re here!” and he kept telling me that we was no where near but after multiple episodes of hey dougey we finally arrived and first stop was an area called Honeycomb Canyon  where they had lots of water features that you could channel the water to go in different ways and sand pits and places to chuck sand down tubes it was ace.

Next stop was the soft play area which at first was a little scary as it goes up quite high but daddy came with me for a little while and then i decided to play it safe and stay in the toddler area and jump in the balls and the slide was a little smaller but soon enough it was time to go and have some lunch in the car.

After lunch it was a walk around the farm followed by some crazy golf and playing in the center area on the slide and before we left it was of course time to grab an ice cream which was lovely to start with until… yep you guessed it the top fell of and my ice cream landed on the floor which didnt go down very well and dad bought me another one this time in a tub which after a few mouthfuls the moment had gone and i wanted a little more play time on the slide before we hit the road back. finger crossed next time nanny bob and mummy can come and maybe even liam as daddy says we are definitely doing back 🙂

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