Great News

leahs weightYesterday i went and got weighed and at the moment things are on the up! weight yesterday was 8.64kg which is the heaviest i have been since birth and for me thats all good news and who know by christmas i may even get to 9kg as miracles do happen around that time of year lol. i have been told i need some more fruit and veg in my life along with some more fibre to help with going to the toilet and mum and dad have to monitor and write down what food and drink im having as well, oh and ive been told im drinking to much how mad is that im not even 2 and i have a drinking problem 🙂

Only got a few more days left of cousin Callum being up here before  we take him home on saturday back to hopefully sunny wales, its been really good having him up here as ive had someone else to run around with and i think maybe tomorrow mum will take us out to somewhere fun before he goes home.

Sleeps going ok and what ever bug i had i think ive shifted it so at the moment there is a happy baby in town causin the usual trouble around the place, been out and about cat hunting around the streets on my daily walks and its always good when i find a friendly cat so i can poke it in the nose but then when they are too friendly i get scared lol

Crazy grandad owen pops over now and then lately when nanny owen is here and he dont half crack me up, even though we dont spend as much time together as i do with crazy nanny owen i still have a laugh with him and at some point hopefully this year my other crazy grandad broadfield will be coming over from france and i can have some laughs with him, ive grown up loads since the last time he saw me in person but for now its still good to see him on skype but to be fair i think all my nanny’s and grandads are nuts but loves them to bit xx

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