February 2017

going strong

Well the latest update on having no nappy on for bed and having dry nights are in and im still going strong!! not one wet night and its getting close if not 2 weeks now and now wet nights for me which is really really good, although i feel like rubbish at the moment and get woken up though the night with my cough which just wont go away im still going strong and not letting it stop me from never having another nappy on again.

Daddy has started to add an extra section to the blog which is the latest addition here on my web site, its 2 sections dedicated to pictures and videos from me at nursery which is located in the picture tab and video tab and he is going to back fill with stuff the nursery have taken of me whilst ive been at nursery and not sure how long it will continue for but as this is all about my life then how could daddy not have a section of my adventures and fun at nursery.

As i mentioned im not my self at the moment so nursery is off the cards for me as im cranky and coughing and just not myself at the moment and need to just try and shake what ever it is i have and get  back to my normal self how ever normal i can be when i spend lots of time around my crazy nanny owen who between you and me is nuts!! but loves her lots and lots.

Monday was a visit to the dentist for me and daddy managed to have a day off and took me, i was very good and let the dentist look at my teeth and even got a sticker as he was very impressed with my teeth the after that we Went for a little stroll the other day when daddy was off down in in the deep dark woods and if you remember the story you’ll remember who lives in the deep dark woods, A GRUFFALO!!!! although we (me, mummy and daddy) didn’t see the fox, snake or owl we did eventually find the gruffalo fast asleep and we had to be very quiet then we dashed back to the car as is was raining so it was just a short and sweet visit.