Getting Things Back On Track

Its been a while since dad has been able to post something on here as he has been busy helping Granddad Taylor sort his website out and also he has been working lots and trying to get things sorted for our holiday to USA which is only just over a week now before we fly out 🙂

Dad has decided that now there is enough content on the website he wants to make it easier for people to keep coming back and look back at stories from the past few years and as the site gets bigger he will be able to keep the content on the home page ever changing without changing the whole site again or at least not to much. Things are not still 100% here on my site so please bare with daddy as he trys to get things back to where they used to be, photos are not yet available as he still needs to figure out what he wants to do with them all and also he has a few months of pictures to upload. He has also changed the mailing system over to something with a bit more control so you should see the email from me a bit more personalised.

Dad has been finding it hard keeping up to date with my blog but he is trying his hardest to keep everyone up to date with things, the start of this year has been very busy for mum and dad as mum started her new job and dad is still trying to get used to being self employed but as a family we are plodding along and with me growing up and trying everyone’s patients more and more then there are times when dad just wants bed.

Stay tuned for more updates on this site and soon to come… MY USA 2018 HOLIDAY!!!

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