Been a busy weekend

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Hi folks, sorry i haven’t left a blog for a few days but ive had a busy weekend for a 9 week old baby. Saturday daddy had booked me on some water babies classes so it was my first time getting in a swimming pool and to be fair i kinda enjoyed it and didn’t scream or anything so we’re booked in for the next 5 classes as its a 7 week class and we’re away for one of them so lets see how the rest of them go. After water babies we hit the open road and headed to Blackpool to go and see dean as he was feeling down so thought we would go and cheer him up. whilst we were there dean took daddy up on his first private hire flight whilst me and mummy stayed on the ground as mummy doesn’t like flying at the best of times but does it if she has to.

While we were in Blackpool we had to go and visit the beach and the prom as it was a really lovely day and apart from flying and the beach we didn’t do much but it was nice to get away. we stayed until the monday morning as daddy had work at 2pm he thought but then realized he had training at 12noon so we just made it back to the midlands with 15mins to spare. in the afternoon mummy stayed with nanny and grandad owen and nanny bought me a new sleep suit which was quite right for nanny. finally got back home at 10pm last night and still managing to sleep from around 9-10pm till 5am which is really good and smiles are still flowing every morning, i have however been up since 5am and havent gone back to sleep so i don’t think mummy and daddy will be smiling much today. Daddy is going to upload my water babies video for people to see and next on the list of travels is wee bonnie scotland, only 1 week and 3days left to go!


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