Another possible bug

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Weekend finally over and its been an ok weekend but looks like im coming down with something again as the last couple of nights ive had a high temp and really not sleeping well and poor mummy had me and daddy to look after on saturday night.

Saturday morning started off with me being up from about 4am and didnt go back to sleep so by the time we took mummy to work after 9am i was cream crackered and fell asleep in the car but daddy had to pop into work so i got to go and play around but probably wasn’t a good idea to put me on a warehouse floor as i kind of ended up with dirty knees after only having them fresh on not so long before but i had fun anyway. We then went home were i slept and played before having to go pick mummy up but i was still shattered so when we got back home again it was time for another knap but that was ok as we were going over daddy s friends house for what was ment to be a couple of hours hopefully to tire me out even more so that i would sleep through the night but daddy had decided to go out with his friends husband to the pub and came back really drunk so not only did mummy have to look after me she had daddy to take care of as well. after getting us both to bed and sorting her self out it was around 3am that i woke up feeling like rubbish and with a high temp and being sick so it ended up being another long night ahead.

Yesterday after being up so early and the weather being really dull and me not feeling so good and sleepy it was a chilled out sunday and i eventually sparked out watching peppa by 9pm so for me to fall asleep with peppa on i had to of been shattered but putting me to bed only lasted until after midnight where i ended up sleeping in bed with mummy and daddy but on the plus side i seem to have had a better nights sleep and lets hope it was a 48hr bug but who knows.