June 2015

What a holiday

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After only a few short days im back in the UK after flying over to sunny Paphos, Cyprus to go and see auntie Amanda and uncle Stuarts wedding and what a holiday it was! i dont think, well i know i haven’t had that much sun in all my life and boy was it hot out there.

Leaving the UK we had a drive down to near the airport to drop daddy’s car off and then it was a short bus ride down to the airport ready to get our holiday under way and chill out in the special lounge area once we cleared security. When it was time to get on the plane and head off into the sun we ended up being delayed for an hour sat on the plane doing nothing which was good in a way as the captain let us go and see how he drives the plane and i got to sit in his seat and of course play with something im not ment to play with, his phone.

Once we finally got to the hotel i think cousin liam was really shocked to see me and we managed to have a little play around before settling down for the night after such a long day. The next morning it was time to explore and off to the beach we went and there was no stopping me! i was gone but wasn’t quite sure about it and didn’t stay there for long so daddy thought he would try the big pool they had there and see how i got on with that and yet again it was far too cold for me and didn’t like it at all so by this point it was time to just chill and sleep by the pool.

As the day went on we got to wonder around and see more of nanny and grandad taylor from scotland and Alison and Ronnie and Rona and mark and lots more people from back in the UK all over at Cyprus to enjoy the big day and WOW what a big day that turned out to be, not only did i get to dress really pretty but we got to go on a big cruise ship and head off out to sea after the ceremony at the hotel and we spent the rest of the evening out there with everyone having a really good time, even daddy was making some really funny shapes which i think he said was called dancing.

The next couple of days were just about spending time with mummy and daddy and we headed off a couple of times to find things that i could play on like soft play areas and we eventually found one in a big shopping mall like ours back home and there soft play area was amazing and it had bouncy castles and over head climbing areas where mummy came up with me and we had lots of fun but like all things the holiday had to come to an end and it was time to do the long journey all the way back home with a plane, bus, taxi and car ride all the way back and eventually got home at 6am this morning, i think mummy and daddy are hoping im going to be shattered and will sleep all night but me being me might have other ideas.

Daddy has put all the pictures of me from holiday up in the photo section and im sure when others come back from Cyprus we might have some more photos at some point