What a Birthday

WOW what a birthday i had! it was amazing and even though i wasn’t feeling 100% i still managed to celebrate all day so i think i did really well.

The day started with the usual present opening and seeing what amazing presents i had although i knew what some of them was as mum and dad took me on a spending spree around Tesco and i got to pick what i wanted and as a kid that’s a big mistake as i wanted almost everything i seen but mum and dad bit there tongue and the trolley got stacked so at least i knew i was getting what i wanted.

After present opening there wasn’t much time for me to enjoy much of them as i had to get to my usual dance class but on the plus side i did get to wear a new Rapunzel dress that i got for my birthday and was gutted when i arrived and found someone else a little younger than me had exactly the same one on as me, HOW RUDE lol

A quick hour at dance and it was time to head home and enjoy an hour before everyone started to come for my party, the bouncy castle was up and the weather was rubbish and raining but soon stopped so dad rushed outside to dry up what he could, its a good job it had a roof on the castle so it was only the entrance and the slide to wipe up and then the fun began and the party before i knew it was in full swing.

Shortly after all the guests arrived right on schedule was the main event as if having all my friends over and bouncy castle and food wasn’t enough mum and dad had arrange for Cinderella and not only did she turn up but Marshal from Paw Patrol was with her, OMG how amazing was that, cuddles were on full swing and the party games flowing but half way through Marshal had to leave but not long after Skye from Paw Patrol turned up and finished the party of with a bang and well what more can i say but it was just amazing.

Soon after the food and party games and Cinderella leaving the guests started to leave but one of my friends Elly stayed the night and i had my first sleep over, although by the end of the day i was not in the mood for much it was sooo nice to have her stay and made the day even more special. Massive thanks to everyone who came it was certainly a day to remember or at least when im older a day to look back on.