Welcome to 2016

6358626753874824561805500835_2016Great start to 2016 waking up at nanny owens house after stopping over to give mum and dad a break i slowly eased myself into the morning with my usual cup of tea chilling on nanny’s sofa watching my pre recorded episodes DSC_2563which at the moment consist of Hey douggee and Teletubies before getting myself ready for the afternoons festivities starting with a new years day meal at the toby carvery with both nanny’s and grandad’s and auntie chel and auntie charlie and her boyfriend and my bestie Elly and of course mum and dad which was realy nice and i ate quite a bit which mum and dad were please about and getting to see Elly is always a bonus lately.

After eating i started getting a bit restless and wanted to be back on the move so me, mum and dad continued with our day as daddy had to go and meet a friend he hadnt seen for over 12 years so me and mum came along as well and im soooooo glad i did as i seen the biggest flap flap ever!!! i was so amazed that no sDSC_0455ooner wasi  dragged away further up the shopping center it was time for us to go and meet daddy’s friend and boy did i run all the way back down the shopping center back to flap flap but what seemed liDSC_0452ke probably a short distance for mum and dad felt like a marathon sprint for me but i got there only to then be taken away again, so mean my folks are 🙁

Nanny and grandad broadfield after being here for almost 2 months have to hDSC_0453ead back across the waters to france again by ferry which is going to be really sad and i hope they come back really really quickly as ive proper bonded with them this time around but im sure they will be back and it was nice spending the afternoon today with them and Chel and CharlyDSC_0469

(December photos now up)