February 2015

Weight & Photos

Weight chart

Here is my latest weight chart and ive lost in 1 month 0.12kgs in the last month however in the last week i have put on 3ozs as i have been weighed that many times whilst being ill that we were able to keep track of it a bit better but over the last couple of months it just seems to be when i get over 1 sickness i get attacked with another bout of something and shock horror im at the doctors this morning at 0950am as mummy and daddy think i might have a ear infection but its hard to tell with teething but i haven’t been sleeping properly the last few nights, i am still a little cranky and my appetite still isnt the greatest and the classic sign of pulling on my ear so its worth getting checked out just to be sure, fingers crossed its nothing

Oh yeah daddy has put my photos up for January as well 🙂