Weekend is over

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Friday started off quite bad as the weather here decided to go from amazing to really bad and i got woke up at 0330am with thunder storms which i haven’t heard before and was really loud so mummy came to the rescue and got me up and i went back to sleep with mum and dad which is always nice coz when i do wake up i get to see both of them and get to spend more time with daddy.

After spending some quality time with dad before he went to work he dropped me off at nanny and grandad owens so nanny and mummy could goto west brom on the bus and buy some stuff for mummy to go back to the gym and try and get her figure back after i apparently made her loose it but truth be told it was the 101 bowls of coco pops that didn’t help and i was the one who had to swim around in chocolate milk for 9 months!

Saturday yet again was more thunder and lightning and this time mummy thought she would be nice and take me down stairs so daddy could get a better sleep then soon enough it was time to head over to nanny and grandad owens again so mummy and daddy could go do there thing at the gym and then after they finished it was time for me to have my last session at waterbabies which im going to miss but now mum and dad have a membership at the local leisure center i can go with them loads more which is always good.

Saturday night was the usual nanny night so mum and dad could have a drink and sunday morning i decided to blabber away with nanny while mum and dad slept in, dad is going to put a couple of videos up but has to wait to get one of nanny’s phone as i think i have worn her out bless her and apparently daddy’s says she aint no spring chicken anymore so im going to have to take it easy on her but i cant see that happening lol. Sunday afternoon after mum and dad finished at the gym i finally got to go swimming with both of them instead of just mum so that’s always nice, nanny did try taking a few pics but she got told off naughty nanny!! and then it was chill time for the rest of the afternoon cuddled up with grandad before popping into see uncle stuart and cousin liam for an hour and me and liam both sat and watched pepper pig for a bit chilling on the sofa.

It certainly has been a busy weekend as always and im totally shattered so im off to bed, the cam will be live in 10minutes.  xxx

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