Weekend goes to quick

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The weekend goes to quick and so has the visit from Rona, its time for her to head back home today but has been really nice spending a little time with her and especially for my first birthday. I have seen lots of family over the past week from spending time with Rona to playing with cousin liam and over the weekend it was a visit from auntie Carla and Uncle Shayne so auntie Carla could go out on auntie Amanda’s hen party.

Daddy has finally uploaded the extra few albums that were missed off from when he re did my website so hopefully now they should all be up, the missing albums were my first France trip and my first Scottish trip

Daddy has also remembered that he has’t put my weight chart up for the beginning of the month so he’s going to do that later, i have put a little weight on so everything is going smoothly for me at the moment, apart from teething a little bit but thats to be expected