weekend cut short

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was ment to be over nanny and grandads till sunday but daddy had to come get me but thats ok because any time spent with them is better than none so now back home and chilling for the week with mum and dad doing my usual thing and getting into places i shouldn’t be and eating anything i can get my hands on but that’s only because im cutting another tooth so it better hurry up so i can be in tip top shape for my birthday.

daddy had to take mummy to work saturday night and sunday night so got to stay up till almost 9.30pm but by that point i was well and truly cream knackered and it didn’t take much rocking for me to goto sleep. Monday came and mummy and daddy both had to goto work in the afternoon so one of daddy’s friends Michelle had to have me for an hour which was good as there is always dash the dog there and i like to play him up and we got to go on the school run and im there again thursday and then on monday Michelle ┬áis taking me to some kind of play group, mumy and daddy think she is getting broody lol

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