Weekend away at nannys

IMG-20150320-WA0012 IMG-20150320-WA0007 IMG-20150320-WA0005 2015-03-20 08.19.42

After having such a bad week or so with the dreaded sickness and poo bug nanny and grandad didnt really get to spend much time with me so im spending the weekend at theres which also gives mummy and daddy a little break as ive probably done daddys head in this past week but we have soldiered on through together and hopefully we should all be over the bug and things can start to get back to normal and plus if i havent already mentioned its my birthday soon and what a crazy but fun 12 months it has been.

Daddy is already in the process of doing a book up with highlights of the last 12 months so its going to be good to look back at that when im bigger which im already getting a big girl as it is and now im walking way more than im crawling now there is no stopping me.