February 2015

Weekend at Nanny & Grandads

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Well this weekend its over to nanny and grandads as mummy has had her operation and is now recuperating and i don’t think me screaming at stupid o clock in the morning would help and what with daddy having bad eyes and waking up to them taking forever to open the pair of them are not quite 100% so off to nanny’s i go 🙂

Since my major bout of being run down with teething and viral infection etc im now back to normal amounts of formula during the day and  just generally feeling a whole lot better so i can get in to places i shouldn’t and generally play people up so yeah its good to be back, others may not think it some times like nanny and grandad last night with me getting up 3 times during the night but hey im used to my bed and my home comforts, us princesses have our needs you know lol