Walking in the woods


Been a while since me and daddy have spent some quality time together so he thought sunday was the day so he made me a packed lunch and le me have my 10am snack then finally it was time to hit the road and although as per normal i enjoy playing out the front of the house and running down the road daddy stuck me staright in the car and off we drove to a place called Kinver Edge which i think the last time i was there was when i was inside mummy’s tummy.

When we got there i was a bit baffled as to where we was but went along and off we trotted into the leafy area where there was a path that just seamed to go up and after a few steps it was time for me to raise my hands in the air and in not so many words kinda say “hell no!” so daddy being the kind father that he was picked me up and carried me off up the hill towards the top of what must of looked like a mountain and as daddy kept on climbing i think he started to regret having this idea but he pushed on through and we eventually made it to the top where it was like doggy heaven, just dogs everywhere and i kept saying WOW!

After the first 5 minutes of the amazement of all the dogs i got bored very quickly and my hands went back up again so daddy continued  the walk carrying me. It wasnt very long before dad though screw this and we headed very carefully back down the so called mountain where i eventually had a little walk around before going back in the car where daddy gave me my packed lunch.

We then headed to daddy’s friend for an hour before heading back home to have a chilled few hours before waking mummy up and then going over to see cousin liam which is always a good way to end the day 🙂

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