Walk in the woods


Always nice to be back home but not to say i didn’t enjoy my self over at nanny and grandads, even when mum and dad came to pick me up i wasn’t even bothered that they had turned up.  after stopping over at nanny’s and grandad owens house me, mum and dad went over to see my friend elly and nanny and grandad broadfield so i could run the rest of my morning energy out then on the way home i wasn’t even in the car 5 minutes before i was fast asleep.

After having a mid morning nap it was time to trash the house and then pop over and see cousin liam for an hour  then home for food and soon bed, unfortunately i had a bad night last night but dad is hopeful its just a one off as i have been doing soo well lately, he thinks i was just restless. It is great though having dad home and seeing more of him and doing more family things like tonight we decided to go for a stroll down past the canal and though the woods while daddy was playing with the settings on his new camera trying to get used to it before we goto USA in less than 3 weeks now 🙂 🙂 poor nanny owen isnt happy that i wont be here for her birthday though but i’ll get daddy to buy her something nice when we are away xxx

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