Viva Las Vegas

logoIts all sorted for next year and its going to be amazing, LAS VEGAS! for my 2nd birthday how cool is that and not only are we going to be there for my birthday daddy has booked the holiday to USA for 33 days so that we can go and see great auntie Dorothy and and great uncle tom as they haven’t seen me properly apart from on Skype which isn’t the same as in person. We leave on March 6th 2016 and we don’t leave until April 8th arriving back in London April 9th, think its time to put the countdown timer back on the website.

The plan is to fly into Vegas and stop for 1 night at the Luxor hotel where Tom and Dorothy will be waiting for us and then drive up to Reno and from there god knows but on the way back near the end of the holiday on the 6th April we will be back in Vegas for the last 2 nights ready not only to fly home but for my birthday #crazy #lucky girl

Had me a PJ day the other day as the weather was really crappy and not worth getting dressed for so didn’t bother getting dressed and stayed in my new night gowns which makes me look like such a big girl now, im getting much better now at sleeping in my cot during the day which is making it easier for mummy to catch up on some sleep if i happen to have a bad night like the last couple of nights to which im not sure as to why im having them? can only put it down to busting these last few teeth out

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