Visit to mummys work

2014-05-01 10.34.48  2014-05-01 11.24.07

Mummy decided to get daddy to drop her off at her work in the hope that alot of the housekeeping girls would be there but unfortunately there was only a few working but at least i got to see where mummy works, only 2 of the girls wanted to hold me (Ayesha and Gail) as Harley was a bit scared due to me still being floppy and newborn.

After visiting mummy’s work we set off in the rain towards Dudley so mum could get some stuff done at the council and then we went on my first bus ride back and had to go and walk Max (auntie Amanda’s and uncle Stuarts dog) and poor mummy got soaked but is all good because i was snug as a bug in my pram.