very long day out with

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Today Daddy organised me to go and visit a a women who deal with cranial ophthalmology¬† as that helps with babies who have had a stressful birth so auntie amanada said that she would take us but had to wait until she dropped her car off to get repaired and got a courtesy car so when she turned up we popped to west brom to go look at some outfits for auntie carla’s wedding in a just over a weeks time but mummy and auntie amanda didnt find anything so we popped back to auntie amandas so i could get my bum changed and feed cousin liam and then off to see this women.

After visiting this women mummy thought it was a complete waste of time as she didnt really do much and just seem to make me more upset then we went more shopping down Merry Hill shopping center where mummy bought me a new dress but nothing for her self or auntie amanda so looks like we’re going back down on the weekend so daddy can find something as well. After shopping it was back to auntie amandas for a quick cuppa where daddy picked us up then home and try to sleep but with all the pain of colic at the moment its not likely that i will sleep. We also had some photos printed off from one of daddy’s friends at richard webb photography to go in the picture frames as they were a really strange size so now our home is looking more and more like a family home with photos and of course all my toys and cloths lying around