October 2018School Updates

Updates From School October 2018

Baby clinic


Leah was playing the the baby clinic, first leah was a mommy in the clinic. She washed her baby in the baby bath, dried her off with a towel and wrapped her up. Leah then put on a nappy and dressed the baby ready to go to the doctors. Leah lay the baby down on the doctors table.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Communication and Language


40-60+ No Refinement

  • Uses language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences in play situations.
  • Introduces a story line or narrative into their play.

Physical Development

Health and self-care

40-60+ No Refinement

  • Shows some understanding that good practices with regard to exercise, eating, sleeping and hygiene can contribute to good health.
  • Shows understanding of the need for safety when tackling new challenges, and considers and manages some risks.
  • Practices some appropriate safety measures without direct supervision.

Understanding the world

People and communities

40-60+ No Refinement

  • Enjoys joining in with family customs and routines.

Expressive Arts and Design

Being imaginative

40-60+ No Refinement

  • Introduces a story line or narrative into their play.
  • Plays alongside other children who are engaged in the same theme.
  • Plays cooperatively as part of a group to develop and act out a narrative.