Up nice and early today

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Been up since 5am this morning, not sure why just decided to wake up and when i do thats it all over for people which i must get from daddy as im always full of beans in the morning compared to mummy who takes forever to wake up.

After getting up early this morning mummy took me to play down stairs and we finally went up to annoy daddy at 0730am and i always get to climb all over everything but so far i still haven’t managed to master the art of walking and still no sign of it any time soon, i have my moments where i will be standing holding onto something then i’ll let go and be stood there balancing before i realize then fall over so maybe there is a glimmer of hope.

Daddy has just added a new section to the web site ABOUT ME which give a quick story of me, where and when i was born and a brief story of the moments before i was born .