Times almost up

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Its been a busy old week spending quality time with nanny and grandad broadfield before they go back, mummy and i have spent the majority of the time with them as daddy had only 2 days off this week but we have been out and about round brierley hill, shopping at costco, dinner at the pie factory and weatherspoons, bostin fittle, and the all you can eat Chinese, of course i didnt get to sample any of the food but it has been really nice to see and spend some time with them as they are only here for a week and soon it will be back to seeing them on skype.

Hopefully this weekend i get to have my nanny night with nanny owen as she cant come tonight as we have to take nanny and grandad broadfield back to the airport first thing in the morning but nanny owen says she will come and let mummy and daddy have some time together on saturday night. The last few days i have still settled down a bit and the colic is sort of under control, i have been sleeping about 6hrs a night now apart from last night where i didnt wanna goto sleep so eventually slept for 4.5hrs from about 2am till 6.30am but i think thats beacause i slept too much yesterday so mummy needs to try and not let me sleep so much but when i need to sleep i need to sleep but all in all i think im doing ok. It wont be long befor i get to come and visit scotland and meet lost more of my family and i know nanny and grandad taylor are looking forward to seeing me and the countdown is on, 3 weeks tonight we shall be setting of on the longest journey i have been on yet but it will all be worth it.