Time with friends and family

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Second attempt at this blog as for some reason the other one got lost in the information super highway, must of had an accident somewhere so daddy has to put another blog up for me.

Not quite at the marathon stage just yet but still trying to do a few steps here and there and as my cousin said in his video that daddy did for him its all about “baby steps, little and often!” and who knows one day i might just wake up and whooooshh! i’ll be gone but when i can dash around the place really fast on my knees who needs to walk but i guess everyone else is doing it so i best start learning fast as its not long before the auntie amanda’s wedding in ¬†Cyprus and it would be lots of fun for me and cousin Liam if i was walking.

Mummy went back to work yesterday to do her last couple of shifts this weekend before she starts her new job on monday so me and daddy got to spend quality time together again and have cuddles on the sofa while i slept then it was over to his friends house so i could play with the dog. Soon enough it was time for us to head home where nanny and grandad met us so daddy could get ready to goto work and then we headed over eventually to nanny and grandads house where we picked mummy up on route as well after she finished work.

Whilst we were over nanny’s we had some visitors which ment i got to have some playtime with some kids as i haven’t been to stay and play this week as all the kids were off school but uncle stuart has said he will take Liam this tuesday so it should be much better. Me and mummy have also found a new game to play where i sit in my princess castle ball pit and throw the balls at mummy and she has to throw them back ¬†at me, its a really good game and i chuckle alot when im playing it, then daddy walked in on us last night so he managed to record me and mummy having fun.