Time to say goodbye

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Its been an amazing weekend seeing my nanny and grandad broadfield and i guess skype really does work, even though i haven’t seen them in person for about 7 months i still get to see them on the computer and then when i walked into there hotel it was smiles all round as i knew exactly who they were and then being able to see them every day over the last few days has been really really good but unfortunately all good things must come to an end and today they set off back down the motor way ready to catch the boat back across the waters into frog land France.

With the weather being soooo nice we have been out and about loads and have eaten out loads as well seeing new places, riding on my trike, shopping in markets and centres and stores and causing havoc in nanny and grandads hotel room but being as cute as i am im allowed to lol.

Now i just gotta wait for them to come over and see them one last time and then its back to the computer to see them so hopefully daddy will arrange a trip over to see them and i can spend another weekend with them and hopefully not leave it so long next time.

xxx Loves ya nanny & grandad broadfield xxxx