Time of the Year


Its that time of year again and its almost time for me to start opening the advent calendar but i have to wait just a little bit longer 🙁

Nanny bobble head came over tonight and helped mum put the christmas tree up and at the end of me supervising and probably doing mums head in and the dog, for us its going to be our last christmas as a natural family and if people are reading this wondering what i mean by this then all will be revealed soon and hopefully after the 13th most probably via mum and dads Facebook page.

Over the last week or soo life has just been doing the usual, getting used to the colder weather, walking the dog and also im getting to that stage in my life now where i know what i want and although this all started at a young age its getting better, i finished school last Friday and decided that i wanted to stop at nanny bobble heads house and then i wanted to stay at Gwendoline and Gordon so it wasn’t until Sunday afternoon befor i decided to rock up home lol.

nanny bobble head has been busy knitting me a jumper dress  and of course i was only to pleased to model the goods, now she said she is knitting me a pink sparkly one as pink is my favourite colour 🙂