Time for Nursery


Been getting some fresh air lately as i managed to go down to nanny and grandad owen’s new caravan so mummy and daddy could have a night out which is fine with me as i get to spend lots of time with nanny and grandad although going to the caravan used to be peaceful for grandad and his little get away from the rest of the world and he keeps saying he aint ever taking me again but some how i always manage to end up there lol, he loves me really

After spending saturday/ sunday there then having a few days chill at home with mainly just me and mum now dad is back in work by wednesday me and mum had to get out of the house and shock horror we soon ended up back at the caravan for the afternoon with my pal grandad, nanny and mummy this time.

Mum has also started the ball rolling for me to start nursery and it looks like i will be in 5 days a week just in the morning until some more slots become available to have maybe 3 full days there instead of the 5 so im looking forward to that, when mum tried leaving the nursery she couldnt find me as i was playing away in the corner having a whale of a time so all we need to do now is wait for a home visit and see when we can start which will probably be after the 6 weeks holidays.

Spent a good day with cousin liam and uncle stuart today as mummy had to take him to the hospital and then we got to go and see the one the only THOMAS THE TANK!!! downside was we had to stand around for almost 2hrs before we could go and see him but give or take a few cry’s i think it was good. This weekend is gunna be mainly me and daddy to try and spend some quality time together as i havent seen much of him since he has been back at work and then the gym 🙂 🙂

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