Thought i’d check in

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Thought id check in as its been a few days since my last blog and February is a short enough month which means there probably wont be that many entries with everything thats going on, we have me staying at nanny and grandads a bit more as mummy is working nearly all this week and then she has her operation on friday which means she’ll be asleep all weekend while im over nan and grandads again and daddy has his usual work in the afternoon whilst trying to fit going to the gym.

Daddy did however take me to stay and play yesterday so i could go play with some other babies which lasted an hour and half so that was really good and i think daddy might be brave enough to take me again as it wasnt as bad as he thought.

Had a good chilled weekend over nanny and grandads with the usual chill on the sofa watching peppa pig and helping nanny sort my bedroom out so when i stay more im not always in there room and have somewhere of my own to keep toys and stuff and got to stay up a little later and eat chocolate before bed but thats the norm when you stay at nannys house just like las vegas, what goes on at nannys, stays at nannys lol

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