Think i got the lurgy :(

2015-01-24 19.47.20 2015-01-22 10.37.40 2015-01-22 10.32.13 2015-01-23 22.48.44

Well im glad i got to go and play down merry hill soft play before the germs kicked in, had lots of fun down there but yet again i only managed about half hour before i got cranky which was probably due to what ever it is that i have had just started to kick in and from there onwards it has been a slippery slope to feeling like poo again with my sleep pattern all out the window, coughing, temperature up and down like a roller coaster and being sick all over nearly everything including various clothes of mummy and daddy’s as well just so they down feel left out, i am nice like that lol.

in the last 24hrs i havent been keeping much fluid down either so now daddy has rang 111 and got me booked into prime care this morning at 11.10am to see what they say, its probably nothing but as im not keeping fluids down and im not eating either its time to get the professionals in and see what they say.

On the plus side daddy has had the photo’s back from the photo shoot we had done before christmas and has not only uploaded them into 2014’s photo section of the web site but has done a little video of them all as well. Hopefully i will be back to my normal self soon and fingers crossed it all goes well up prime care x