Things could be looking up

Since the end of last week its been a downward spiral for me, teething has knocked me for six and each day goes by has got worse as a rash kicks in along with sore throat and the dreaded cough added together with teething has been clarified by the walkin center doctors in west brom as a viral infection 🙁

Though the day as with most things hasnt been too bad although i have been really cranky and irritable but at the same time still wanting to do 101 things, dad took me over to nanny and grandad owens house on sunday afternoon where i have been since as mummy and daddy were having a new boiler installed and there would be no heating and hot water and also wanted to gloss and paint top to bottom.

They have  been over to see me briefly over the last couple of days but hopefully i should be returning home and nanny let daddy know this morning that i had actually slept all though the night which compared to the last 5 days is a really really really good sign that the anti bio-tics could be working and things could be looking up, the nights prior to last night constisted of waking up every few hours or just waking up and not even going back to sleep for hours so both nanny and daddy have felt the sleepless nights and are looking forward to nights going back to normal.

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