January 2016

The Good & The Bad


Its been an almost week of the good and the bad with a couple of things and the first one is the bad news that poor grandad owen is in hospital and they have kept him in, i was ment to be going over to nanny and grandad to let dad have a good nights sleep after getting him up through the nights the past… 3 weeks i think its been but i guess thats where the good news comes in as the night before i was ment to go over i actually had a really good nights sleep and have almost gone back to being perfect again 🙂

Im going to bed at 7.30pm – 8pm with mommy reading me a couple of bed time stories and i normally sleep 90% of the night, i get up probably 1-2am in the morning but get tucked back in and go straight back to sleep till almost 6am where dad might have to put me back down as i have to wait for my gro-clock to wake up from stars and the moon to the big sun which doesn’t come on till 6am.

Poor Grandad has been told its pancreatits  of some sort so has to wait and stay in for further tests and i didnt get to see him till friday where he was able to come out of the ward and sit in the cafe with me for a bit so we could spend some time as i keep going over nannys house looking for him and thinking hes up stairs, Hopefully he will be out soon but even if he does i dont think i will be jumping all over him for a while. Even more great news as well nanny and grandad broadfield are back from france so guess where im going today? 🙂 🙂

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