The first time nanny & grandad Owen took me out by myself

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After another rough night with mummy daddy rang the doctors at 7,30 got me an appointment for 10am but daddy had to go to work so nanny & grandad Owen came over to take me & mommy to the doctors while i was waiting to be seen i was sick again in the waiting room then went into see the doctor who examined me & gave me powdered gaviscon to put in my milk & a bottle thing for mummy to send off a sample of my poo to see if I’m allergic to my milk

Then we went home & waited for a special delivery for mummy off auntie Dee and uncle Tom which was a beautiful bouquet of flowers, after they arrived we went to nanny & grandads because daddy was at work till 7pm, mummy was so tired nanny sent mommy to bed for a few hours but nanny Gina had an appointment at the hospital about her foot so i went along for the ride but that just means i went to sleep in the car as usual 🙂
Then we came back to nanny & grandads to wait for daddy to finish work to pick me & mummy up to take us home, least mummy got some sleep for a while while i was out with nanny & grandad and while i s over nanny’s before daddy came to get us she took me to see some of her neighbour’s so i had loads more cuddles of people then, Daddy finished work came and picked me and mommy up (after a cup of tea and nannys ginger nut biscuits 🙂 and set off home.