November 2017

The Elves have been

Its all been hush hush lately but i heard along the grapevine that i was having an early christmas present so i didnt know what to think of it? I came home from nanny and grandad owens house saturday to find that my room had been trashed and the floor had gone and it just looked a right mess, i got told the elves had made an early visit to the house to make a start on my room and that i was having it completely re-done but still i wasnt happy with them naughty elves leaving my room in such a mess and then they had the cheek because they were so busy to ask mummy and nanny owen to help make it better and that they did!

Wow is all i have to say and today is the first day i have had chance to play in it, straight from school i have come home after a quick visit to the hair dressers as us princesses have to look our best lol and i havent left my room, think the elves and  and mummy have done an amazing job, i am certainly one very happy little princess thats for sure.

As well as a new room i went to my first birthday party last weekend and even had a couple of slices of pizza even though they were small sliced ones daddy was over the moon that i chowed into them and even took me to the shops for a new princess toy, if you havent already guessed im really into princess things at the moment lol xxx