April 2014

The day I entered the world

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Around 2am mommy went back to the hospital with daddy & nanny Gina and they went into a lovely comfy room where there were loads of things for mommy to use to help her with the contractions they stayed in this room till just after 6am then went to the birthing pool room where mommy got into the pool & stayed there till about 10am when the midwives said she was ready to push me out after many places & positions mommy was so tired the Dr’s & midwives decided to take her into theater to help me enter the world

After trying forceps & the cap to help me out they decided to do a ceasarean section after nearly 3hrs of being in theatre I came out to be greeted by nanny Gina & not long after grandad Mick where there were loads of kisses, cuddles & a few tears

Auntie Amanda came to see me the first night i was born.

Mommy & I had an infection in our blood so we had to stay in hospital for 4 days while the Dr’s sorted it out daddy stayed with us as long as he could but he had to go home every night Great Nanny & grandad Broadfield booked their tickets to come & see me but would be a few days before they got here