The Big Toddle 2017

Wednesday 14th June 2017 was my big day to do ‘The Big Toddle’ to help raise money for charity which ment i had to do a sponsored walk around Dudley Zoo and what a day i had with lots of kids and mummy and nanny georgina as well it was great!

We got there for 10.30am and the walk started at 11am and we had to walk a mile and half and apart from one hill i did it all GO ME!! and at the end of it i got my very first medal and then we got to have some entertainment in the castle gardens and then go back around the zoo and look at all the animals in our own time. its not a big zoo but after walking around a couple of times and having the entertainment i was soon getting tiered so we left and started heading for home but it was a great day out and had a right blast.

Daddy will post a couple of videos of me at the zoo doing my funky dancing skills