The Big Day, My Auntie’s Wedding!!

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Its finally here, my auntie is getting married!! After leaving Ben & Beths in the morning we headed up to my auntie Carla’s house to see if mummy and daddy could help in anyway as we couldnt get into our hotel room till 2pm. when we got there it was all go, auntie amanda was doing peoples hair, people were dropping in and out and kids we’re doing there heads in so daddy and uncle stuart took them out for a walk in the woods to see if that would help while i stayed back with mummy  as it was too hot.

When 2pm came we headed off to the premier inn and got our selfs booked in and all looking very smart for the occasion and by 3.40pm we had to be at the church. When the ceremony started at 4.30pm i did very well at staying quiet throughout and stayed awake for the majority of the day so even though i wont remember it i stayed awake lol. next stop was off to the reception where we had loads more photos taken and some we wont even get to see but im sure we will at some point. The music in the evening was extremely loud and for some reason the air con wasnt working so three quarters of the way though daddy took me out where we sat in the lobby with others and by midnight it was time for taxi and bed