The Big 5


What a mad weekend i have had and in true princess style i have celebrated it twice!

As i normally do i spent the friday evening over at my bestie’s house nanny bobbleheads and grandad mickeys and because bobblehead couldnt be at my house on my birthday and because i was going to be out all day doing stuff they decided that i could open my presents at there house and spend most of the day there playing with them and to my supprise i ended up witha new electric scooter which lights up and is just fabulous although its going to take me some time to get used to it as its on two wheels not 3 so watch this space as im crazy enough on my quad. So as well as my elcectric scooter i had various other gifts from dolls to trolls and well… its just to much to note down and as always nanny has spoilt me.

After i had spent most of the day there it was time to head home in preperation for my actual birthday and my day out with my younger bestie’s, my cousin liam and my friend amber 🙂 after waking up in the morning to loads and loads of presents (too many to open before we went) i had an early suprise from cousin liam and auntie amanda and by this point i still wasnt dressed so we had to cut short the present opeing and get ready to head out to get my friend amber and bobblehead ready to catch the train to birmingham.

after a car ride, 2 trains and a short walk it was time to grab some snacks and get comfy in the electric reclining seats ready to watch brand new eppisodes of peppa pig and as much as i enjoed peppa it was hard work trying to sit still for that length of time but we managed it and then it was time for lunch and to my disapointment there was no macdonalds near by or burger king so we had to settle for Dixy chicken and after a little argument i managed to eat a satisfactory amount in order for us to leave and hurry up and get to our next destination which daddy thought was a lot closer but we had to catch a taxi otherwise we would miss it.

Next show was Bing Bunny live in theatre and we made it just in time, we grabbed our LED windmils and found our seats and wihin a couple of minutes the show satrted and we was glued, if i had to pick which one was better i definately would say i loved Bing better than peppa but it was a good day all the same. After the show it was a short walk back to the train station and time to head home for a short play with amber and liam before daddy had to take them home and the day was almost over.

I can honestly say i have been truley spoily and thank everyone for there gifts and wishes, smashed another birthday and already keep asking when is the next one lol