The 1 Year Jab

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It has been and gone and now i feel like crap and so so sorry for myself, the dreaded 1 year jabs! the last couple of days ive not been sleeping well and kinda lifeless and poor mummy has had the brunt of it and is now ready to go insane especially after last night just wanting cuddles and not wanting to sleep on my own but on the up side today looks promising and daddy thinks i look better so who knows maybe the moment has gone?

Cake smashing photos have been uploaded into the photo gallery and if you dont want to look at every picture individually then daddy has also made me a video of all the pictures put together with a little music in the background.

Its just me and mummy this weekend as daddy is away with uncle stuart for his stag do and on sunday morning i get to go and play with cousin liam for a bit whiles mummy goes to work for a couple of hours