Temperature Rising

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Teething sucks and yet again i have a bacterial infection which the doctor says is probably caused by me teething and the slightest cut can let air born viruses in and now i have sore tonsils which is probably not helping me eat on top of that my temperature was going higher and higher sunday night, not to the point of needing to get rushed to the hospital but it was at the point where i was just a hunk a hunk of burning love lol

After a very unsettled sunday night mum and dad booked me in at the doctors and now im back on antibiotics again in the hope that will help, they did say if mu and dad wanted to see how things go over the next 24-48hrs but they had already seen me go downhill over the weekend and although there were moments of a happy child there were probably alot more grumpiness so finger crossed the antibiotics work. Me and mum once dad had gone to work had a kind of duvet day yesterday where i got to watch loads of episodes of bananas in pajamas 🙂