Teething is no fun

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hey folks i know its late but daddy has been very busy the last few days at work and this is the only chance he has had to type my blog out for me so if you get woken up by a notification then im sorry but hey what better way to be woken up than to see pictures of me lol.

Last few days have still been unsettled as im still having problems with me teeth cutting through but mummy is doing a fab job of helping keep the pain under control and comforting me and that helps me still be happy smiley baby which is always good for photos.

This week we’ve had uncle stuart and auntie amandas dog come over and stay so they could take cousin liam to peppa pig world how cool is that and for the record im well jealous but im sure my folks will take me to there next year and maybe even cousin liam will come again but on the bright side they brought me back a mini peppa pig teddy which is now me bestest teddy ever!! along side the other teddy that has been on its own little journey to get here from las vegas from great great auntie and unlcle, they teddy has come from vegas and been traveling with them on there around the world holiday before it arrived here with them so im doing well this week for fab gifts.

If you have been watching me in the morning and i havent been on the web cam its because i sometimes get up a little early still because of my teeth but im hoping that soon they will calm down and i can get a straight nights sleep and i guess so is mummy but only time will tell.